The 17 - kindle ebook by Mike Kilroy

The Hunger Games meets The Breakfast Club meets Star Trek.
Zack Earnest is a young man who finds himself in a peculiar place surrounded by peculiar people.
They are asked by their mysterious captors to do barbaric things for reasons unknown to them -- until Zack speaks with one of his jailers and a whole universe is revealed to him.
Soon, it becomes clear to Zack and the others tossed into this menagerie that the ones who brought them here have a very specific need that only "The 17" can provide.
Zack and "The 17" must race against time to discover a way to thwart their plans.
It's a story of survival, forgiveness, love and betrayal. It's a story of youth finding its way in a world where the directions are impossible and unclear. It's a story of redemption and patience and how, even in the center of the universe, love and understanding are a constant.

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