The Birr Elixir by Jo Sparkes

Mysterious potions, an ancient tomb of a book, a Gamesman hero and band, plus an exiled prince in hiding. What is a poor herb girl to do?

Alone on the desert flats, Marra's apprenticeship turns into slavery to a man so evil his own sister warned against him. And then a local hero walks into the shop and asks for a special potion from an ancient book’s recipe.

Calling on all the knowledge gained from her now-dead mistress, Marra brews the Birr Elixir. And carries it to Drail, leader of the Hand of Victory. His grandsire is a famous gamesman, and Drail his heir apparent.

And after drinking Marra’s brew, his team battles on to win against Skullans – a powerful race no one has ever beaten before. Drail declares her his Brista – potions mistress – and offers her a place at his side.

Who could refuse?

But Marra is merely a lucky apprentice after all, and Drail deserves more on his march to great things. When he impulsively helps Tryst, a complete stranger they literally stumble across, the Hand is thrust into hidden conspiracies and undreamed-of danger. For an evil plan unfolds on a continent far away, and Drail’s small band has unwittingly seized the key.

Marra finds herself trapped by the conspirators, threatened and bullied into choosing one man over the other. Her actions will determine the fate of an entire kingdom.

Her mother once predicted Marra would cut her own nose to spite her face. Perhaps, after all, she had reason.

The Birr Elixir runs on KDP Select Free starting May 8th through May 10th, 2014.