The Butterfly Storm - kindle ebook by Kate Frost

The Butterfly Storm is reduced to just 99cents from the 2nd - 9th August 2014.

It's been described as the perfect summer read, after all the majority of The Butterfly Storm is set by the sea - the warm turquoise water of the Aegean in Greece and the wild but equally stunning North Norfolk coast in the UK. It follows the story of Sophie, a twenty-something woman whose life is turned upside down when she falls in love with Alekos, her holiday romance, and she moves to Greece to be with him. Add to the mix a bitter relationship with her feisty Mum, Leila, plus a whole host of memorable characters in Greece, including Despina, Alekos' domineering mother, and The Butterfly Storm is My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets chick-lit meets Joanne Harris' Chocolat (think feta, olives and spanagopita instead of sweet concoctions).

With currently more than 85 five-star reviews on Amazon US and UK, The Butterfly Storm has been described as 'a thoughtful, engrossing and satisfying novel from a promising new author' by writer and author, Debbie Young.

An Amazon Top 50 Reviewer, ElaineG, gave The Butterfly Storm five stars and wrote: 'I Loved this read with a capital L... It is a lovely story of a relationship between a mother and daughter with some wonderful characters - especially Despina the overbearing, bossy, Greek mama who always wants and expects to get her own way. What I did like was the edge of unpredictableness about the story - for a large part of the book you just don't know in what direction Sophie's life is going to go, or with who! The story moves at a fluid pace, and has an ending that definitely brought a tear to my eye. Highly recommended reading!'