The Deed - Kindle eBook by Eugene Boffa

Gene Boffa's The Deed is that rarest of thrillers-a novel with both brains and heart that will keep your pulse pounding right up to the spell-binding end. A roller-coaster ride that you shouldn't miss. --Warren Murphy, Two-time Edgar Award Winner and NY TIMES Best-selling author

Boffa's Mac Daniels takes readers through a labyrinth of Hong Kong intrique and brings us home safe and satisfied via a wonderfully creative conclusion to The Deed, a must read novel. --Rae Lindsay, author of The Presidents' First Ladies

The Deed is an intricate maze of twists and turns that will keep readers guessing right up until the last suspenseful page. --James Mullaney, author The New Destroyer

Book Description:
It's 1997 and Great Britain is about to turn Hong Kong over to China until the rumor of the existence of a long lost deed giving ownership of Hong Kong to the British surfaces.
Can a rumor start a war? Is it more than a rumor?
Men who have been on opposite sides must now join forces to prevent a weapon of mass destruction from falling into the wrong hands. The streets of Hong Kong are crawling with agents from both sides and in the middle is Mac Daniels of the CIA.

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