The Truth Which Was Kept from Us - kindle ebook by Klaus E. Berger

Will be free from 6th of August 2014 to 10th of August 2014.

Book Description: I maintain that 90% of Jesus' teachings have been kept secret. Most of his teach­­ings are to be found in this book, which goes on to tell of wisdom, truth, beauty and ancient mysteries in the context of world religions and folk tales about extra­ter­restrial visits to earth.

   The one and only truth, which is the doctrine of love, will be conveyed in a down-to-earth, non-re­ligious style. You will be able to read many hidden writings containing Jesus' teach­ings, including the ancient gospel. The ancient gospel is the principal gospel, the complete and original gospel, containing far more than the four gospels of the Bible.

   The whole of the so-called Christian world is founded on a bigoted and distorted version of all that was originally wondrous and genuine. It is shocking that this could have hap­pened. What do people today know of the laws of love? The teachings of reincarna­tion? Genuine and profound wisdom? This is no small and trivial matter that the churches are withholding - but the most essential and major part of the original teachings! The churches have suppressed the ancient gospel, as well as a wealth of other writings. The discov­ery of this original ancient gospel, 107 years ago, should have caused a sensa­tion, the like of which the world has never seen before. But the churches have done nothing what­soever! In fact, they have concealed the very spirit itself. It is these things, first and foremost; the spirit and the light of love, with which my book deals.

   Many people will be both delighted and dismayed when they discover the scope and nature of the treasures of divine wisdom which have been kept from them.
   What was once the unimpeachable doctrine of love, has been transformed, the world over, into religious ceremony and superstition.