Becky's Boyfriend - kindle ebook by Cody Young

Remember how hard you can fall in love when you’re only seventeen? Remember how sweet it feels, how painful, and how real?

Becky’s Boyfriend is a sweet, sexy story about love that starts at high school. Martin, a tall, scruffy guy with Swedish blue eyes who uses his school tie to hold up his pants, meets Becky, a painfully shy girl with shadowy secrets. With his easy charm and languid sexuality, Martin lands a role in the school variety show, singing retro songs and hits of the sixties, and that’s when things start to heat up for Becky, who’s making the costumes. Martin meets her in the wardrobe room,  offers to remove his shirt so she can measure him up for size, and resolves that he’ll be the one to give her a first kiss to remember. He sings to her with a suggestive, provocative energy that both terrifies and tempts her to give him a chance.

Could it work? The rebel in the leather jacket, and the shy girl who studies and sews and cooks her father’s dinner? Or is she too far out of a poor boy’s league, with her cut-glass accent and her rich daddy who’ll stop at nothing to keep her where she belongs? Take a chance and say yes, he tells her.