Darkchapel - kindle ebook by Viktor Slater


An evil killer is stalking the streets of London. Prostitutes are dying in the East End and there is intense media speculation of a new Jack the Ripper. The pressure on Scotland Yard is overwhelming, but the trouble is the investigation has stalled and the murder team needs new blood.  What they get is bad blood.

One of the new members of the team is Sergeant ‘Gui ‘ Guidonis. He has an incredible mind, but he has a reputation of being impossible to work with and upsetting authority. The truth is he loves upsetting authority.

When he teams up with a disgraced Superintendent, now busted down to Sergeant, the mixture is explosive. Together they drag the up and coming Sergeant Toogood away from her detective colleagues and the rest of the investigation’s focus on Whitechapel. Instead this ‘crew’ of detectives follow clues to the luxury of Belgravia and some of the richest and most powerful people in London and beyond.  Gui does not care for money or power, his only goal is to find justice for the young prostitutes so savagely killed. No matter whom he crosses.

As the body count rises the big question everyone is asking is whether history will repeat itself and the identity of this new Jack the Ripper will remain unknown, just as it was over a hundred years before. But then Sergeants Gui, Inglefield and Toogood were not on the case.

Author’s Note:

I’ve always wanted to write a detective crime thriller, but I wanted more than the usual formula of a detective and the less intelligent sidekick.  So I created the ‘crew’ of three detectives who each bring their own important abilities to the investigation.
When I was looking for inspiration for their first investigation I quickly realised the greatest unsolved series of murders was inspiration worth having. As you will see, this is not a simple copycat Jack the Ripper, this story goes far deeper.