Tidbits of Insight for Creating Optimism - kindle ebook by K. DeLaughter


The author of Tidbits of Insight for Creating Optimism got fed up one day with all of the programs and advertisements she was running into that promised happiness, but only after expensive seminars or extensive personal changes. She thought, "What if we stop assuming that people are broken? What if there existed a book that had all kinds of ideas and methods for creating happiness written in a way that wasn't so condescending? Wouldn't that be great?"

It was after this inner dialogue that K. DeLaughter reached the following conclusions: (1) Talking to myself is probably not the healthiest thing, but there are worse bad habits to engage in I suppose, and (2) I should really write a book which is actually useful in that it is both comprehensive and easy to read. Thus, she did and now it is available for purchase.

Tidbits of Insight for Creating Optimism is an easy to read companion book for your daily quest to simply be a little bit happier. There is no need to completely overhaul your life, commit to any type of fancy wellness plan, or give up large amounts of money. Take this book with you to read white you wait to board a plane, pick up your kids, or consider giving it to that person in your life that you know just needs a little bit more encouragement. This book provides hundreds of ideas and methods for creating an authentic and purposeful optimism that you can embrace every single day.