Fighting Back - Kindle eBook by Gary Funderburk

The book is about a father's struggle to save his daughter from kidnappers but also to save his family. Separated from his wife and family for eight years, Brad Taylor made a tremendous sacrifice to keep his family safe by not being there for them. He was a target, so he removed himself from their life to keep them safe. Knowing full well that they would resent him, maybe even hate him, he did what a good father would do. He put then first. The attack on his family provided him with an opportunity to save his daughter and demonstrate to his sons that he is not the uncaring monster they thought he was. It's also a tale of Frank Massey, who as an abused child became a monster not unlike his father that he hated.

The book was a great learning experience for me in many ways. This was the first time I published an eBook, and I am happy and proud that I finished the project and had a great time doing it. Writing for me is just as exciting as reading. When it began I didn't know how it would end. It is my fondest wish that some readers will find it an enjoyable read.