Hard Rock Candy Moon - kindle ebook by Tammy Trottot


Bengar and Harman are immortals, compelled to watch over Gina and Alice, their intended soul mates, since birth.  The girls give both men a run for their money when they end up over seas in the skin trade.  Can Gina put her past behind her and learn to love the brooding immortal who refuses to leave her side?    Gina finds that not only is she the soul mate of Bengar, but she has been here before.  There are things she remembers that she shouldn't possibly be able to.  She finds being an immortal is not as simple as never dying of natural causes, sometimes the past comes back to haunt you.  Bengar, the brood leader of the immortals, wants Gina to be able to assimilate to being an immortal and his soul mate so very badly.  He realizes before that can happen, she must become one with her past.  There are those who would see that never happen, though.  People from the past who would see Gina and Bengar both suffer for imagined wrongs done them.  Along with the mysterious voices Gina keeps hearing, it seems the odds are insurmountable.  How much with they have to endure before they can finally be together?  Can Bengar get to Gina and save her before she is broken forever?  Can Gina overcome the demons that plague her with doubt?  With Bengar, Alice, and Harman there to help, can Gina finally find her very own Hard Rock Candy Moon?