Hunted: In the Crosshairs Book 1 - a romantic suspense ebook by Deborah Cox

A runaway bride, a jaded ex-DEA agent, a ruthless drug lord and a burned out Vietnam vet. What else do you need? How about a plane crash, a near drowning, and a hero and heroine who can't keep their hands off each other.

Former DEA agent Nick Harrison has been making a living for the last five years with his charter flight business - and biding is time, waiting for the chance to avenge his partner's murder. Time runs out the minute a runaway bride points a gun at him and lands him right in the crosshairs of his mortal enemy.

He shouldn't have gotten involved. She had trouble written all over her. But the armed goons chasing her took the choice away from him. There was no turning back. They would fight a jungle, challenge a ruthless enemy, and risk everything for a love worth fighting for.

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