Master of Illusion - Book One - by Anne Rouen

Master of Illusion Book One — Award-Winning Historical Fiction by Anne Rouen
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Master of Illusion Book One is the first in a series of Historical Fiction Romance novels. In August 2014, it was announced the winner of the Silver Medal in the 2014 Global Ebook Awards for best Historical Literature Fiction (Modern). The Master is enticing audiences from around the world by magically combining elements of mystery, history and romance—even becoming a hit with Phantom of the Opera enthusiasts and followers of "Phan Fiction".

Murder. Magic. Music. Obsession. The ingredients of a historical mystery to fill your mind with passion and curiosity.

Master of Illusion follows the lives of childhood comrades, Angel and Elise, as they run hand in hand from a history of treachery, heartache and crippling abuse. Under the mask of exceptional talent and in the name of justice, they each grapple with their own damaged version of love and loyalty, while fiercely protecting their terrible secrets.
Set in the operatic era of 19th century France, talented dancer, Elise, is discovered by the eminent Opéra Français and is whisked away from a simple life to fulfil her dreams of becoming prima ballerina. Her path is forever changed the day she rescues the disfigured, amnesic, genius—Angel—from a life of abandonment and mistreatment. Angel's obsessions define him: his emulation of the Phantom of the Opera coupled with a latent dark side, develop into a fervent passion for a young soprano. Cast under Angel's charming spell, Elise assumes the role of his protector and nurturer—only to discover that she, too, wields powers of her own: persuasion and contrivance.
In trying to reach the pinnacle of operatic success, Angel and Elise are faced with the challenge of defining justice, love and self acceptance. Through abandonment, Angel knows only one form of love—obsession; and Elise, whose purity lies in ruins at the hands of evil, is raped of her capacity for romantic love.
Can they fulfil their childhood dreams without blood on their hands? ...

What have others had to say about the Master?

"A dark romance filled with passion and yearning, I was intrigued by this Phantom of the Opera-esqe story of love and fulfilment. The characters really make the story shine. And the author has done a beautiful job of making this historical romance come to life." (Judge, Writer's Digest Self-Published Ebook Awards)

"Written with great skill and compassion the author has woven a compelling story that kept me enthralled to the conclusion." (Pete Loveday, Writers' Web Australia)

"Overall, I found this an outstandingly well-crafted work and a great pleasure to read. I congratulate the author"  (Lorraine Cobcroft, Writers' Web Australia)

"Readers of historical fiction will enjoy this book and may be pleased to realize that the ending is left so that another book may follow the story further" (Debi Benstead, Writers' Web Australia)

"If you are a Phan, I think you are going to love this new telling of The Phantom of the Opera - it's one of the best ones I've read!" (Amazon Reviewer)

"Master of Illusion is a book I recommend to those who love Historical Fiction" (Warren Thurston, Playwright,

"An engaging plot with vivid characters wrapped in mystery. Here is an emerging Australian writer that needs to be taken seriously" (Diane Nash, member of the Tamworth Book Club)