Out Of Time - A Kindle superhero fantasy book by Donna Marie Oldfield


A superhero, dystopian adventure for young adults, grown-ups and anyone who loves fantasy and science fiction.

Scarlett Shortt is just an average 18-year-old girl, but then her life takes an extraordinary turn following a road accident. She wakes up to find that the world has twisted beyond recognition – everything is very dark and different now and a bunch of teenagers she’s never met before claim to be her best friends. The group can do amazing things, such as fly, read minds and control electricity, and Scarlett is shocked to learn that she has special powers too.

In this exciting adventure, the reluctant superhero quickly finds herself caught up in their mission to make the world a better place and overthrow the evil prime minister, Adam Goulden. Will she learn how to use her powers in time to face their dangerous enemies and will she ever discover exactly where she is and how she got there?

Find out in Out Of Time, which is the first in a continuing series.