Team Supreme:The Beginning - kindle ebook by Shamar Coxum

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The fuel behind this first book was written from a sort of desperate and angry place, being rejected from the comic book world and not having a source to create a comic book series because that's what I've always dreamed of doing. I had dreams of some characters in Team Supreme beginning in the 9th grade but had never put pen to paper. Instead I randomly wrote short stories and poetry from time to time and started a book, separate from Team Supreme, but couldn't finish it. Years later after my 1st year of college and a boring summer I wrote a short story titled Superman PRIME in tribute to the 2013 Superman remake because I felt connected to the actors story of rejection until this movie, and the story of Superman and his feeling of isolation. It was about 15 pages on Word. I sent it to my friends and family and they loved it which gave me the thought of writing my own full piece. During the time however, there wasn't a thought in my head about what I would write it on. Team Supreme was still a thought but not something I was ready to write. Eventually in the trailing months I rediscovered the old journal that had the uncompleted story in it, which immediately sparked the idea to re-edit and continue the book and complete it, renaming it from the original Tournament Blood to Team Supreme: The Beginning and connecting the story to the rest of the planned 10-13 books of the Team Supreme series I plan to write.

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