The Adventure of Sir Good Knight - kindle e-book by Tom Geden

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     The kindle version is different and black /white. It  is 1.99 or free with subscription (see for details).The Adventure of Sir Good Knight puts a twist on a classic medieval story of knights in shining armour. The tale is told from the beginning by a father reading to his adopted son.  The tale is about a failure of a man who show courage to try but until he is needed cannot become a knight. He enlists against all odds to go against an entire army and discovers an enchanted suit never noticed before (a gift from God perhaps?) that gives him super powers. He doesn’t know this until they are utilized.If you want to know the rest of the story, buy it for yourself! The story concludes as the father tells the child to remember the story of Sir Good Knight, leading perhaps to other adventures. The pictures of the father and son closely resemble the author and his son. For a performance of this book . When you buy a copy either print or ebook, a donation will bemade to charity, a different respected charity each week, mostly children’s charity.