The Deadliest Echo - kindle ebook by Reese Hogan

The year is 1928, and Echo Maebius, an American mercenary, is captured and interrogated at the Russian border after the disappearance of Joseph Stalin. Just when things can’t get worse, something unthinkable happens: Echo’s doppelganger walks into the room, offering him a way out—but with a terrible catch.

Echo is sent to another world where he has killed his closest comrade. His torture at the hands of the Russians has left him more dead than alive. But these things pale next to the real threat. The appearance of a duplicitous stranger leads Echo to believe that his best friend’s life is not the only thing at stake. His weakened condition leaves him no choice but to trust the man—at least until he can regain the strength to confront him.

But until that moment comes, he can only speculate on the events that led him to such tragedy in the first place. His involvement with the White Army faction where he met explosives expert and fellow American, Jez Ryder. Their dangerous pursuit of a pair of Soviet secret police. The rescue of a beautiful Russian fugitive who almost came between them. Echo’s infiltration of the Moscow Kremlin. The moment when he had Stalin in his sights and watched everything he’d worked for fall apart.

Told in alternating chapters between Echo’s past and present, The Deadliest Echo is a science fiction thriller about assassination, alternate paths, and the dangers of being a foreigner in a country newly raised from revolution. It is a powerful tale about the thin line between loneliness and friendship, and the intricate web of secrets that forces Echo to confront the one truth he most wants to escape…

Unless he can finish the mission he never completed in Moscow, the whole world will pay the price for his failure.

Readers of both science fiction and historical thrillers should find something to love in this debut novel from Reese Hogan. The period between the two world wars was a tense and turbulent time, and less explored in mainstream fiction, so it will offer readers a fresh setting to explore through the eyes of two young Americans in the wake of the Russian Civil War.

The Deadliest Echo is available in paperback or ebook through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or as an ebook for any iOS device. For more details or to read a sample, visit the author’s website at