The Green Lamb: The Search by Kevin Leader

What things could a woman in love do when her husband gets in danger? Clara Perez is a modern woman from Seattle. She is a caring mother, a loving wife and a successful investigative journalist. She often reports from the world’s most dangerous places, but she couldn’t dream of that her life’s toughest days will take place in Seattle.

Her husband, John stuck under a collapsed mall’s rubble. Clara knows for sure that he is alive, but nobody else believes so. If Clara wants to see her beloved husband again, then she has no choice but to assemble a rescue team and try the impossible. She has to get John from twelve stories of rubble beneath.

Clara starts her crazy running against the time, the government and her own fears. Whatever happens, John must survive and believe in Clara’s mystic abilities.

This is a story of an immortal romance in which Clara fights through a number of ruthless mercenaries, FBI agents and long forgotten secrets to save her husband. But will she have enough time and strength?

Despite being a romantic thriller, the language is contemporary and often raw – but this makes the whole story lifelike and credible.