How To Write A Book In Two Weeks - kindle ebook by Lisa Newton

Little-Known Inside Secrets - Get Your Book Done and Published

Do you have a burning desire to write a book, but just aren't sure where or how to start? Perhaps you are already in business - a coach? a consultant? a trainer? Maybe you have already started writing your book, but have got kinda stuck? or is it still just a nice idea floating around in your mind?

There's no doubt about it... having a book to your name certainly opens doors. It's a badge of honour. A stamp of credibility. People will certainly take you more seriously. There's even a saying - "having a book is the new business card."

Wouldn't it be good if you had a book to give away and hand out to potential prospects? or even sell, and make a secondary residual income stream?

Here's what one client had to say:

    "I just knew I had to write a book. I was always sending people off to other sites, to other places, to my competitors and there wasn't anything they were telling them that I couldn't already tell them. But just because they had a book, they looked more important than me. I didn't have the credibility and I just knew I had to get it written."

Authors get invited to speak at events (some paid), some not paid - but its a chance to talk about their work, and their book. Are you missing out on opportunities by not having your name in print? Are you just 'stuck' on where to start? Have you got an idea for a book, but want to run it past someone first? Do you think you're 'not a writer'? Or has someone (a competitor) already beat you to it by getting their book out there already and now you're left behind? Maybe you've been saying for years 'One day I'll write a book' ...

Well, here's the good news - that day is closer than you think. And its a lot easier than you may realise. Many people already have 60-70% of what they need anyway, already ... they already have the material.They already have the idea. And that's fantastic. We can help you to make it happen.

EVEN IF someone else has written a book on 'your chosen book title' - you can STILL HAVE  a book with the same title! It doesn't matter. You can catch up and get that book done - it doesn't have to take forever!

Our course is designed to help you to bring that idea forth and to get it onto the page.

Who said it had to be hard? A struggle? Difficult? This book demystifys exactly what you need to do, and how. And no-one has to know how easy it was! Let them believe it was years of hard slog!

So there is no need to put it off. You can find the time to do this. And just think what it'll be like to receive your newly published book in the post, and to see your name in print! Serial entrepreneur and author Lisa Newton has over 15 books in print, and continues to work on others. Newton wrote ‘Cosmic Ordering With Vision Boards’ in two weeks, and following constant questions about ‘how did you do it?’ she explains the process in this book which works particularly well for writing non-fiction books, business books and self-help books. Newton believes “You can write your book in two weeks if you want to badly enough”

So if the dream is to see your name in print. To be able to sell your books from your website or to see it on the shelve of your local library, to hear your name being referred to by others, and AS A DIRECT RESULT OF WORKING ONCE - to receive a residual royalty income from that effort for the rest of your life, and to experience an increase in sales and enquiries to your main business - all as a result of writing a book... then grab a copy of this book.

Maybe you didn't get an 'A*' in English Language or English Literature GCSE at school - and this is holding you back? Don't worry about it. We can fix that. If you had a particularly bad report, just make sure you send a copy of your new book to your old english teacher (if your school still exists) - even if they're not there, schools love it when their former-pupils go on to achieve great things.

Don't let anyone tell you you can't do it. YES you can! And when you get your book published, make sure you send your naysayers the link to be able to buy your book, like this:

Let them choke on their words and be gob smacked. And guess what they'll do? They'll ask you how you did it! And it'll be up to you whether you want to show them what you now know. And the beauty of book-writing is that it's for everyone. You can be a busy single mum at home, and be working on your book when your kids are out. You could have a demanding or boring 9 to 5, but there's still time in the day to be working on your book. You could run a business - and be working on your book too. Others have managed it and so can you.

If you are perhaps sharing your own (personal, tragic) story and don't want others to know its you - thats fine, you can always write under a pseudo name. Anything is possible. Whatever the FEAR is, whatever is holding you back - it can be overcome. No question is too silly. Questions can be emailed in and read out anonymously before or during the webinar. No question is irrelevant, as there'll probably be someone else thinking the same thing, or it'll bring up a great point that someone else hadn't even considered yet, and it's helpful to them.

Remember, having a book opens so many doors.... You can turn it into an audio book. You can get it translated into different languages. You can sell this product, a tangible item AROUND THE WORLD, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In your sleep - you can be making sales. Once its written, no-one can take that away from you!!! Books like 'Think and Grow Rich' were written 100 years ago! And its still creating passive income for the authors estate to this very day! But to enjoy these things - you must start!

Many people have been through such a terrible time in life that they could get a whole BOOK SERIES out of it! Have you been cheated on? Been through an ordeal? Kidnapped? Burgled? Married? Divorced? Widowed? Charged with murder? Got away with murder? (Names and places can be changed to protect the innocent - of course!) but just writing it down can be a cathartic release! Have you ever read a book and thought - I could do better than that! Or, do you just have a very active and vivid imagination? Fifty Shades of Grey would have nothing on you! Could it be turned into a movie one day? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE !!! You don't know, unless you try. Get it out of your head, onto the page.You won't regret it.

The beauty of having a book - especially if you are in a services-based business, and your book supports that business, is that you no longer have to give away 'free consultations' - one hour (or more like two) of your life, that you'll never get back... instead you can give them your book. Or even, the next time someone asks you a question - you know the same one that your ALWAYS being asked, you can say 'great question, on page 27 of my book, I talk about that very subject'... and either direct them to your book on Amazon, or your site, or GIVE a copy to them. Imagine the impact that would have! Do you think they'd see you as an expert and want to come back to learn more? Absolutely. A book shows your audience that you know your subject matter!

Even if you aren't sure about what to include, and what to write about - we cover this in the book, where we look at your idea and structure.

Don't worry about design, space, writing etc., we cover it all. And remember - once you've got one book out there, no doubt, you will want to do more. And once you know how - they can't take that away from you. The process just gets easier.
To your success!