The Kinetic Keeper by Angel Stage

Abby Woods discovers she has telekinesis by smashing her birthday cake into her brother's face- without touching it.

Soon after, a woman comes to visit Abby from a place called the Isle of Peritia. It's an island where people like her with all different abilities go to strengthen and control them. Once on the island, Abby is labeled as a Newlie (someone who is the first in their family to have abilities) and she finds out that it's rare for that to happen. Being a Newlie means she should only have one ability; but soon, she discovers she has every kinetic ability there is which has never been heard of.

She questions why she is so special. Why is her mind so strong and so advanced? She can pick up heavy furniture with her mind when she shouldn't be able to pick up more than a marble. And she can freeze an entire lake solid when she should only be able to freeze a small glass of water. The creator of the island and the head of the school, Asher Dae, decides to help her learn about her abilities and get them under control.

As Abby continues to search for a reason her mind is so strong, she learns of Asher's twin brother, Vago Dae who is wanted for murder. She soon finds out that she is the Kinetic Keeper, a child foretold of having gifts never before witnessed. And because of her one of a kind abilites, Vago is coming after her to have her mind for his own bidding.