Unrequited - One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka - kindle ebook by Christy Heron


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Most young adults 20 to 30 years old are embarking on a new journey, and a new chapter in the book called life. Newly independent from parental regulation, establishing careers, finding a place to fit into society and searching for true love, this period is particularly challenging. Many young adults are not prepared for the temptations and the responsibility that come with the transition from teen to adulthood. However, it is a passage everyone must go through and learn from in order to survive and gain the crucial wisdom needed to become a mature adult.  

One obstacle, not just in young people but people of all ages, is addiction. Addiction is a disease and can come in many forms, such as drinking, drug use, gambling, shopping, exercise, and one that few like to admit, sexual/relationship behavior. Although not always the case, addiction is also many times a symptom of mental illness. A combination of the two can be lethal: Mentally and physically.

Author Christy Heron takes readers on a visceral rollercoaster that focuses on these relevant issues and illnesses in her novel Unrequited-One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka. She describes how they can change someone’s life forever. Many people are unaware or choose to overlook addiction and bipolar or depressive symptoms, suffering day-to-day, stressed and unhappy, unable to control their emotions, thus effecting their whole existence.

Unrequited’s main character January Estlin, struggles with addiction: An addiction to alcohol and to her on again/off again late night hookup, Jack (AKA Short Fat Fuck). Combined with anxiety and depression, the whole hot mess cripples her spirit, goals, and relationships. Not until she hits rock bottom, saying goodbye to friends and family, with the intention of killing herself, does she finally seek help. Readers will relate to the emotional ups and downs of January’s struggle through Ms. Heron’s vivid descriptions and the sensitive dialogue taking place between January and her family, friends, doctors, and even Jack.

Lust is a strong emotion that is easily mistaken for love and can be unforgiving. Unrequited-One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka differentiates (eventually!) between ecstasy and betrayal, lust and true love.