Wanderlush - kindle ebook by David Robert


When Robert, a self-proclaimed anxiety-ridden introvert, convinces himself that he’s dying of cancer, he invites his delightfully unpredictable, Xanax-popping, chardonnay-swilling mother on a series of international “good-bye” vacations. By doing so, he unwittingly opens a Pandora’s box of hilarious and humiliating events that will test just how far they are willing to go to get a laugh.

Robert knows that the trips will be anything but boring because he and his mom have been causing a scene since as long as he can remember, but nothing can prepare him for escapades that include digging his mom out of a rain gutter in Costa Rica and being dragged across the Arabian Desert by a psychotic camel named Forrest Hump. As the vacations unfold, Robert discovers that although he and his mom are having the time of their life, she is ready to share a secret that will change everything.

“I’ve always been close to my mom and I wanted to do something special for her as she was about to begin treatment for a serious medical condition. We’ve always shared the gift of humor so what would be a better gesture of love than to pen an utterly humiliating tale of our adventures together,” says Robert.

David Robert wrote the entire book on flights he made between Washington DC and Dubai between 20012 and 2014.

A satisfied reader left the following review on Amazon: "Definitely an author to watch! Very well written and hilariously funny! Laughed out loud all the way through! Can't wait to read the next one!!!!!"