A Veteran's Road to College Success by Kenneth A. Bracewell


A Veteran's Road to College Success is ranked in the Top 100 for Teen and Young Adult Amazon Kindle eBooks.

This motivational story is about an Army Infantry soldier leaving the service and entering college after returning back from Operation Iraqi Freedom 2008-2009. The author shares his story with college students, veterans, military personnel, and supporters of college students and veterans and military in college about how he earned two separate undergraduate degrees (Associates and Bachelors) in three years, despite the stress and constant struggle that occurred in this challenging process.

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"It is a great book and a great read. Honestly, it made me feel motivated to continue my education. It shows that no matter how hard things are in your life, keep moving forward. You need to work for what you want and if you want it bad enough you will pay attention to the factors that can set you back from reaching your goals. This would be a great book for recent high school graduates and definitely for those who have served our country. It is very inspiring and gives off great motivation. " -E.S.

"This is an excellent book for veterans or anyone with a desired to obtain a college degree by making full use of all the resources available to them, while simultaneously maintaining a good life balance. Kenneth Bracewell's personal story of overcoming early academic life challenges is truly inspirational. His level of character and personal integrity are echoed with the passage of each page. This book is an easy reading very suitable as a gift to a young adult." -B.R.

"Kenneth's book, "A Veteran's Road to College Success" is a quick read with a ton of useful information to those who are college bound, or wondering how to get the biggest bang from the military's benefits offered for part-time college students. Initially I purchased the book as a gift, but found myself reading it because I became interested in Kenneth's story and ideas. One of the Army values is "Selfless Service". He certainly has given selfless service in this book because for only a few bucks you can gain a ton of valuable information that may change the course of your life. Don't hesitate to click the "BUY" button. It's well worth the money and easy to read!"

"This book is highly recommended to those interested in pursuing their educations, especially veterans. Deciding to pursue this path and staying focused and motivated to reach your goals is challenging, and we could all benefit from advice and guidance from someone with relevant life experience. It is always inspiring to read about the successes of others and it is encouraging to learn more details of what they overcame and accomplished and to be able to apply it in our own lives." -M.B.

"This book is easy to read and enjoy. The author offers excellent information on how to succeed in college as well as in life. Read it and you will be inspired, no matter where you may be in life. I highly recommend it." - A.S.

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