Accept No Trash Talk - a self-help book by Traci Lawrence

A book for everyone who has been disrespected and struggled--and isn't that everyone?

Please ponder the following questions: Who hasn’t been disrespected at some point?  Who can truly say that their words have never been misunderstood?  What person can say that his anger has never gotten out of control? Can any honest person claim that they never get into an argument? Are all worker/boss relationships nurturing? For that matter, are all family relationships continually nurturing?

My book, Accept No Trash Talk, is a candid exploration of the ups and downs of communication in our modern, fast-paced world. I use examples from my own life, and the lives of people that I know, to illustrate how aggressive communication is prevalent in our society.

In my book, I record many examples of how effective, non-threatening communication is becoming more challenging daily. Verbal bullying, in all its forms, is seen online and in the real world.

Another aspect of my book deals with how we can overcome demeaning communication as well as other trials. Those trials might be medical, or mental. They might be internal, or external.

 I cite inspirational examples from history, current events, and my own life to show how people can surmount unbelievable odds to become successful politicians, public figures, and entrepreneurs.

Please read my book to find out why we do not have to allow our past to affect our future!