Concepts of Thought and Emotion: Improving your Outlook - kindle eBook by Dan Cartwright

Concepts of Thought and Emotion: Improving your Outlook, at its foundation, is a self-help book for those who wish to gain a facet of control over their emotional stance, and their cognitive outlook as a whole.

However, this book offers something more; a philosophical undercurrent designed to not only give the practical ideas buoyancy, but challenge the perceptions of the reader, and encourage personal reflection.

This book is ideal for two types of people: those who would like to make a definite change in their life, and those who enjoy exposure to new ideas.

The text has many themes, one of which is the mind; explaining not only the subversive nature of it, and the plethora of problems it provides for the average person, but a means of effectively manipulating this modality to deliberately affect emotion.

Emotion, while intuitive to all, holds qualities that most remain ignorant of; the consequences of which can be dire. Some simple postulations and exercises hold the potential to offer relief from such frustrations.

While the text is solution orientated, it highlights the common pitfalls in human actions, and the reasons for engaging in such futile behavioural loops; possibly bringing clarity as to why we exist in such a fragile social ecosystem.

Interwoven throughout, is the subject of consciousness; first, considering its relationship to the mind; attempting to unwind the issue beyond semantics, and the theoretical implications this holds for both the individual, and for the momentum of the human race.