Conscious Calm - kindle ebook by Laura Maciuika

Feeling more stressed and worried than usual? A busy mind keeping you up at night? Conscious Calm will show you the hidden stress traps that add to stress, without your even knowing it. And this book will show you how to get free from those hidden stress traps, fast. Written by psychologist and consultant Dr. Laura Maciuika, this book includes the most useful, practical knowledge from both western and eastern psychology and wisdom. Here's what New York Times Marci Shimoff had to say about it:

"Conscious Calm distills an amazing breadth of information into a readable, practical mini-manual. This is the must-read book if you want to bust stress and experience lasting calm and peace in your life."
- Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason

When you read Conscious Calm, you'll discover the 9 Stress Traps that are so easy to fall into, that make stress and worry so much worse. You'll also discover the 9 Stress Secrets that can free you from overwhelming stress and worry for good.

You'll also find a free Bonus: a download of the Try This Action Steps guide that will support you in the simple, quick Try This ideas you'll find at the end of each chapter.

Publishers Weekly said: "With stress levels spiking everywhere, this refreshingly accessible DIY plan produces results and will not add to overwhelming to-do lists."

Find out why Conscious Calm has 4.5 Stars on Amazon with 60 reviews. And get free from the stress traps that keep you in cycles of fatigue and overwhelm - you deserve more inner peace and lasting calm!