Corridor of Darkness by Patrick W. O'Bryon

CORRIDOR OF DARKNESS has been awarded the AIA Gold Seal of Excellence and endorsed by Compulsion Reads.

"The novel is rife with historical intrigue and captures the flavor of mid-century Europe. Throughout, the author has a keen eye for detail, which will be a delight for Europhiles and World War II buffs alike...An intriguing early WWII spy yarn set in a well-researched, authentic Germany." --Kirkus Reviews

"When the writing is powerful and immediate and characters are as real and believable as these ones are, our compassion is aroused and our heart opens. This is the beauty of this book... Their fear becomes our fear, their horror, ours. The skillfully executed prose brings you right into the vibrant beating heart of Berlin in the thirties. I could smell it, see it and taste it." Tahlia Newland for AIA

"First-rate, expertly crafted thriller. O'Bryon's detailed descriptions allowed me to see the streets of old Berlin, taste decadence everywhere, feel imminent dangers around every corner, hear the march of the storm troopers, and virtually smell fear on the citizens as they ran...a fast paced, suspenseful tale with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader on edge." –Awesome Indies Reviewers

"Corridor of Darkness is a compelling and well-researched read...a grand adventure, set in Germany's darkest hours. Strap in, grab a few tissues and enjoy!" - Compulsion Reads