Monkeyshine - ebook by J.J. Peters

Monkeyshine is the toy of the decade, a phenomenon that catapults a Seattle company and its greedy executives to the top of corporate America.  But this stuffed animal has a dirty secret and some people will stop at nothing to protect it.

When Alex Scordato is murdered, his grieving fiancĂ©, Shelby Rosen, is desperate to learn why.  As a chemist, did Alex discover something that could destroy the world’s largest toy company?  Did the company’s eccentric founder play a role?

What about Shelby’s boss, who is in line to be the next CEO?
Faced with skepticism from homicide detectives who believe they have solved the case, Shelby races from Seattle to Kauai and then back to the waters of south Puget Sound, piecing together the clues Alex left behind.  Finally, she discovers the truth.  But her battle isn’t over:  she has inadvertently put her three-year-old nephew, Maxey, in the center of the storm.  And now she must save him from those who will stop at nothing – including kidnapping and murder – to protect their careers, their prestige and the wealth they owe to a toy called Monkeyshine.  This novel was a Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association finalist.  Average Amazon rating:  five-stars.