Passion Never Dies - kindle ebook by Joy Tremay

It was supposed to be a Vegas fling…but he wasn't about to let her go.

My heroine, Diana Mulroney, is a caring and devoted preschool teacher, unaware of her own allure. Content in her life and her career, she doesn't find anything lacking until she reunites with an old flame capable of arousing her senses. Her usual routine is shattered the moment she sees Jake Redmond again and she can't resist the sensual lessons he's eager to teach her.

My hero, Jake Redmond, is a successful and sexy businessman who has never felt the urge to commit - until now. Reuniting with Diana throws him into an emotional tailspin and now all he wants to do is claim her as his own. Jake's laid-back ways with women are now part of his past as he concentrates on pursuing the one woman he never truly forgot.