The Beaten Zone - A Kindle book by Tom Mykytiuk

Cole Samson runs a marine salvage business, but the ex-Special Forces soldier has a taste for adventure. Rena Moore has made a vow to her dying grandfather, retired British secret agent, Captain Simon Moore, to find a priceless artifact looted by the Nazis during their occupation of Yugoslavia. Rena enlists the aid of Cole and his team in her search. A copy of the old spy's operational journal leads them to the small Bosnian town of Drvar, site of a  desperate bid by German paratroops to capture the partisan General Josef Tito during WWII. They uncover a deadly mix of political intrigue and organized crime as powerful men fight for dominance in the new "peace" ending the violent civil war that fractured Yugoslavia in the 1990s. The town's deadly past resurfaces when Willie Moltke, a young German paratrooper during the attack on Drvar, now an aged successful businessman, returns to Bosnia seeking answers to a mystery that has haunted him for half a century.