Hallowed Ground - kindle ebook by Brian M Sorn


Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the woods, a new slasher emerges!

Six friends, Ryan, Katt, Ron, Hope, Derrick, and Ashley, hit the road to take a weeklong trip to visit newlyweds Amber and Justin at their brand new lake house in the old town of Whispering Springs. The mostly abandoned town is gorgeous and picturesque with the large sparkling blue lake and deep lush forest all around them. The friends arrive at the lake house to unpack and settle in for their vacation, but nothing is as it should be. It is very strange that such a naturally lovely and inviting place could be so void of people. Why would anyone ever want to leave? What could have happened here? After meeting a few of the remaining inhabitants, a story starts to unfold to reveal just what horrible events took Whispering Springs from a bustling town to the deserted area that it currently is. All of the friends find themselves trapped in their own worst nightmare as they come face to face with a killing machine like no other. Will any of the friends be able to survive the monster that is William Vasher?