The Strange Girl - kindle ebook by Keith Dixon

In The Strange Girl, private investigator Sam Dyke thinks he's taking on a very straightforward case: find someone who's gone missing after being released from prison. In fact the case is solved very quickly ... but unfortunately, it doesn't end there. Because the man who was missing was not only an ex-con, but also an ex-cop, and the reason he spent time in prison was because he was hiding something he dared not reveal. Sam takes it upon himself to find out what that was, and despite himself becomes embroiled in both high-stakes gambling and a daring heist.

Sam Dyke is an investigator who relies on both instinct and experience to tell him where to go and what to look for. He doesn't rely on incredible deductive powers, nor on sheer physical strength, to solve his cases. He has wit, persistence and a native cunning - together with a small team of helpers - that combine to make him a very contemporary investigator and a hero everyone can root for.