To Tame a Highland Earl by Tarah Scott

Miss Eve Crenshaw wishes to marry for love. When London’s most notorious rakehell breaks into her bedchamber in the dead of night and ruins her, she plans a daring elopement that shocks even the earl.

A sampling—
For an instant, Erroll was sure the roar he’d heard wasn’t a pistol shot, and the pain that seared across his left calf wasn’t a bullet wound. A yank to his boot sent him sprawling onto his backside, with the pistol now inches from his face.

He looked at the woman who knelt beside him, pointing a gun at him for the second time that night, and said, "You used your one shot."

She blinked in confusion, then dropped her arm and fell onto her rump beside him. “This, sir, is a prime example of why a man does not enter a lady’s bedroom uninvited.”

Erroll scanned the room. The mamma still lay on the floor where she’d fainted. The other lady stood, perfect breasts heaving beneath the white cotton of her nightgown, and green eyes blazing. The older man stood, hand braced against the wardrobe, drawing in deep breaths. And, glory be, the innkeeper and two maids stood in the doorway, mouths agape. His father would hear of this escapade before the doctor finished tending his gunshot wound.

Erroll looked at the lady. “For once, madam, I would have to agree.”

A deliciously wicked tale of romance, passion, intrigue and a bit of humor. A must read and one, I highly recommend to any and all readers, especially those who enjoy Scottish romance. My Book Addiction

I have never been so intrigued in a cast of characters that made a story so fun. I wanted the story to last forever. The story is filled with scandalous drama and humorous situations that will have you belting with laughter throughout the whole story. True love is one way to tame a Rakish Earl. Queentutt