What's Done in the Dark: A Mona Baker Novel - Kindle eBook by Krys Batts


Everyone has secrets, but some secrets can have murderous consequences in Krys Batts’s adrenaline-pumping debut mystery/suspense thriller, What’s Done in the Dark.

Nearly a decade ago, Mona Baker lost faith in everything good upon the tragic deaths of her mother and younger sister.  Out of those agonizing flames of grief emerged a much different Mona, one who viewed the world through distrustful eyes — and who had learned to conceal her fair share of secrets.  Then her daughter, Sophie, was born, the one treasure to come out of her loveless marriage to millionaire Exxon-Mobil executive Aaron Baker.  And Mona was reminded that love can exist in a world in which criminals and connivers feed on the vulnerable.  But now she also knew that the source of her love, Sophie, must be protected at any cost.

Despite Mona’s best efforts to build a safe haven, her life is again shattered when her husband is arrested and the police begin pressuring her to cooperate with their investigation. Initially, Mona flatly refuses—until they drop a bombshell that shakes her to the core, leaving Mona no choice but to help them despite her mounting fears that Aaron’s powerful allies are more determined to see her dead than the cops are to keep her alive.

After barely escaping a series of attacks on her life, Mona is eventually forced to make a desperate decision that sends her down a violent path from which there is no return.