Your Side of Midnight - kindle ebook by K. Baldwin and Lyra Ricci

Sometimes dealing with the living can be more hassle than they're worth, and most of the time, they have baggage. Billy learned that the hard way when new people moved into the house he had haunted for two hundred years. Nothing he tried could shake them from their new home, so now, his peaceful afterlife was filled with drama, danger and a family that was in dire need of his style of discipline. With the calm and gentle nature of his best friend, it was only a matter of time before he settled down and began to accept that perhaps change couldn’t be as bad as he assumed it was. At least Gregg, who’d been dead almost as long as he had, didn’t mind the new family.

Nix had always been able to see the dead, and in his opinion, most of the time, they were assholes. Billy was no exception in his opinion. Refusing to be bullied by the disgruntled and often high strung spirit, he helped his family settle into the large Victorian farmhouse in the countryside of Bon Hollow. With his sister in law, her two daughters and his own autistic son, life settled in as normal as it could for the Desmarais family.

As time passed, Billy realized that it was a good call to guard the family zealously when two entities, both hell bent on revenge, decided to target the family.