Behind the Forgotten Front by Barbara Hawkins

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A WWII story in the China-Burma-India Theater, about Merrill's Marauders, the Mars Task Force, 124th Calvary, Kachin guerrillas, Naga headhunters, and an all black-construction regiment building the Stilwell/Burma Road.

Adventure, Action, and real historical characters brought back to life in an exotic world of headhunters and opium-smoking tribesmen

Harry Flynn goes to war expecting to find the thrill of danger and honor of military service, instead he's sent to the Indian subcontinent as an ordinary supply officer where they're building the 'road to nowhere' - the Burma Road. He's forced to obey orders that challenge his principles and is torn between being true to himself or 'no man at all.' Eventually, not willing to let Uncle Sam needlessly condemn the road crew to death he rebels.

He tries to sabotage the road's progress where an all-black construction regiment is losing a man a mile due to disease and crumbling mountain slopes. Then a commanding officer spots his unconventional skills. Immediately he's transferred to America's first guerrilla-supported unit, Merrill's Marauders. During a time when boys were forced to come of age on the battlefield, Harry must find what makes his life worth living or die.

The lessons learned in WWII apply to all wars, were men walk away carrying unspeakable memories and the lives that 'could have been' haunt those that lived. Behind the Forgotten Front brings them all back to life and shows that history is about facts driven by passions and sometimes the mistakes of real people.