Buttercup Cottage - Kindle ebook by Elizabeth Purcell

Buttercup Cottage is an e-book series.  This is the 2nd book in the series which is brand new, hot off the presses!  In this series there is a loud noise in the birdhouse.  Who could it be?  But the noisemaker won't come out because he thinks he will be made fun because he looks different from everyone else.    Nanny Buttercup assures him that they would never make fun of anyone, because they are all different too. Different sizes, and different colors too.
The puppet at Buttercup Cottage all have different input also.  For instance, Sally Spider talks about good nutrition; Bookworm talks about the importance of reading; And Penney Prettyworm, well what can we say about her?  She just loves to color.  There is also a funny looking guy named Knock Knock who loves to tell knock knock jokes, what else?

In the first book series, Penney learns her manners.  Visit us often, we'd love to see you.