Dark one Rising - kindle ebook by Leandra Martin

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dark-One-Rising-Leandra-Martin/dp/1470103281

Dark One Rising: Book One of the Tanith Prophecy series paints a touching landscape of beauty and solace brought to the brink of extinction by a powerful, evil force, whom only the Chosen One, unaware of her unique power, can battle for the soul of a kingdom. Within fantastic adventure and rousing action unfolds a truly human story of destiny and love and the power of spirit that will overcome impossible adversity.

Fantasy writers just don’t write for me, so how could a self published Fantasy book ever do well with these odds stacked against them? Well. In fact, very well. Surprisingly well! Read on dear book fan and let me explain why Leandra Martin may actually be one of the finest Fantasy writers I will ever read.

Melenthia represents all that is good, and Fallon is so brilliantly depicted as pure evil. You can FEEL the conflict!

I think I love Mel!