Dragon Dodgers - A Fantasy Short Story by V. R. Cardoso


Welcome to Arkhemia. This is the year 2103 Before Unification.

Dragons rule the land and mankind hides underground in order to survive. Only a brave few dare to cross the great outdoors - Surface Runners.

Captain Targon of the Dragon Dodgers has Ran the Surface for far too many years, but he has finally found the mother of all jobs. In the hope of becoming rich beyond his wildest dreams, he has dragged his men all the way across the continent, to a land they've never been. But the men are tired of their Captain's secrecy and exhausted by the long and dangerous journey. There are whispers within the Company and some believe that a change of leadership is required.

Has Targon finally found the job that will allow him to leave his Surface Running days behind? Or is he taking the Dragon Dodgers to their doom?

Dragon Dodgers is the first in a series of short stories leading up to the Wounds in Sky Fantasy series. Release of the first novel length book in the series is scheduled for Q1 2015.