Fateful Encounters - kindle ebook by Vovo Verdan


As far as twenty three year old Glen Verne was concerned, the crime was committed for all the right reasons. But unfortunately, the authorities didn't agree.
Throughout our lives we encounter people who affect us in very different ways. Sometimes thee encounter leads us down a path we would rather not have traveled – sometimes, however, it's just the path we needed.
Glen Verne is a complicated twenty three year old man. He works a dead-end job and any form of excitement is always welcome. He has had his fair share of misfortune in life, and it is this misfortune that has shaped him as a person. He has also had his fair share of good fortune, but as Glen Verne discovers, bad decisions will subjugate good fortune every single time - especially when so many fateful encounters are involved.

N.B. Contains explicit sex and adult situations.