Across the Sky - Kindle ebook by Paul James

A story of adventure, love, loss, family and friendship.

'What do you want from life?' It seems everybody wants validation. They want their life to mean something and they want to mean something to someone else.

The millennium approaches and Parker's burning ambition is to see the world. He throws himself into the unknown and moves far away to begin a new adventure. He desperately wants a new career and he wants to find love, having grown tired of always putting other people first. Lou, his chaotic best friend, follows soon after with disastrous consequences that test their friendship. She moves clumsily from one complication to the next until she finds herself in a mess that Parker can't rescue her from.

Parker's brother, Peter, is happy to be left behind and is looking ahead to sharing his life with Imogen. On the surface their relationship seems idyllic and to others they look like they have everything. However it soon becomes apparent they can't live up to anyone's expectations, least of all their own.

ACROSS THE SKY tells the story of four friends travelling through a decade of change, their lives taking them to unexpected places. There are journeys to new cities and adventures of the heart that we can all identify with. Over ten years, friendships grow deeper or they grow apart. Mistakes are made, priorities change, love turns to tragedy and some journeys end back where they started. If you've ever taken a risk in love or adventure, you'll see a part of yourself in ACROSS THE SKY.

*****Highly recommended debut novel
The characters are brilliantly drawn, the writing is witty and imaginative, moving me in several places and it was one of those books that stayed with me when I’d finished reading it. - Lesley Cheetham, author of Her Sister's Voice