Like a Shag on a Rock - by Vaughan Humphries

Oxford. The city of 'dreaming spires' and the sinister setting for countless crimes in the 'Inspector Morse' franchise.
Oxford is much more than this, a city of two halves, a city filled by real people with real stories.


Following the break up of Tom’s relationship with Janice, he hastily answers a room advertisement for what appears to be the perfect, Oxford city centre escape…

When the door is opened by his mysterious acquaintance, John, it seems as though fate has stepped in, and Tom quickly settles back into a life of blissful carnivorous freedom.

But although Tom is no longer under Janice’s control, he unwittingly remains the victim of manipulation – this time from John – who wields far more influence over Tom’s personal life than he is aware of…


Everyone dreads being thrown out of the house by their boyfriend or girlfriend, especially when living thousands of miles from ‘home’. However, for the protagonist, being given the boot is the start of a house-sharing adventure that is wilder than he could have ever imagined.

His story is told in, ‘Like a Shag on a Rock’, the antics shared prove that life certainly wasn’t boring.

The book is a tribute to everyone who has dealt with the joys and tribulations of the infamous house-share.

It’s a story written for everyone who has had to house-share while travelling along their journey through life, as well as a reflection of my own experience sharing accommodation with my friends from the Southern Hemisphere.

Those who have been there will be able to really relate with Tom and his attitude. Sharing a home with another isn’t easy, and it takes a fair bit of care-free spirit to make the arrangement work.