Operation Werwolf - kindle ebook by Tom Kane


Operation Werwolf is based on a true story that of my father, as a sergeant tank commander at the end of World War 2 when he was seconded to an MI6 operation in Austria.
He was under the orders of a British Major, who had been parachuted into Germany early in the war. The Major’s task was to set up cells in Germany whereby the British could create a resistance movement in the Nazi heartland. The Major in question spent the war building up German resistance to the Nazis.
At the end of the war, the Major was tasked with seeking out and arresting top ranking Nazis. The most notorious of these was Odilo Globocnik.
After my father died, I began piecing together stories he had told me about his work with the secretive British Major and what he had been told by him. I asked myself, what if the Nazis had an atomic bomb and the means to deliver it.
The following story is the result of my imagination working on that question, but with an underlying truth thrown into the mix, as shown through references found on the Internet. These references include data on the Horten Ho 229 experimental stealthy fighter/bomber in Wikipedia and a book by Rainer Karlsch, Hitler's Bombe, published in 2005, which alleged the Nazis produced and tested a nuclear weapon.