Short Scares for Before Prayers by Michael T. Guidry

Need a campfire story? A quick tale to tell your friends on a stormy night? For any cliche horror-story situation, this book of nearly 30 short and scary stories will satisfy your frightening needs. Nothing is held back here- these fast-paced stories will rip at your mind and keep you up at night! Think you're brave? I can guarantee that these tales will send some chills down your spine.

Hiding beneath covers, checking your closet, keeping the lights on. . . none of that will help you. These scares are here to stay in your imagination and dreams, and haunt you even in the middle of the day. Anything can be made frightening, and this book proves that.

Dig into a feast of horror for only 0.99 cents on kindle, unlike any collection you've read. There is no comfort here, only fear.