Death Of A Princess by T.C. Barnes

From International Bestselling Author T.C. Barnes (3+ months in top 10 for Police Procedurals in Amazon US AND Amazon UK!!!), lose yourself in another riveting foray into the mind of madness, mayhem, and murder...

After barely surviving a vicious attack by Richard Allan Estes, the most sadistic and brilliant serial killer she’s ever come across, FBI Profiler Kayleen Archer goes back home again, retreating to the small, rural town in North Carolina that she abandoned long ago. With nothing and no one left to keep the darkness at bay, she lives in a gray world of fear; her dog, her gun, and a bottomless stash of liquor being the only things to keep her company. As such, she spends her days drinking, and praying that Estes, who remains at large, will not come back to finish the job.

Yet when a little girl goes missing from a local beauty pageant, only to turn up murdered the very next day, Kayleen is called upon to help by someone she had desperately hoped to never see again, the one man she simply cannot refuse - her first love and first loss, Sheriff Caleb Stone.
Although Kayleen wants nothing more than to drown herself and her past in an endless stream of vodka, she soon must face a harshly bitter truth: helping Caleb solve this case just might be the only chance she has to escape the black, gaping chasm into which she’s fallen.
But can she give up the solace of her alcohol-induced haze long enough to regain her razor-sharp, intuitive focus? And, if she delves deeply, yet again, into the mind of another monster, will it destroy her as she fears? Or, could it possibly help her break free from the chains of terror and regret once - and finally - for all?
Find out as the mystery deepens, the body count rises, and Kayleen and Caleb begin their dangerous journey together, to the edge of darkness and beyond…