Sin And Sombreros - kindle ebook by Joe Kilgore

Old school shamus meets new age world in this contemporary take on the classic detective novel. It's the kind of book you generally have to hunt down in out-of-the-way bookstores. The kind of book that is generally dog-eared and coffee-stained from readers who had a hard time leaving it at home. The kind of book you wish someone was still writing.

Good news. Someone is.

Brig Ellis is an ex military man who has turned his covert ops training into confidential jobs for people willing to pay the price. Nothing untoward or illegal, mind you. His character traits are too boy scout for that. But tracking down sleaze balls, finding lost kids, providing security for someone who's really in need of it; those are the kinds of jobs Ellis turns into crusades.

In Sin And Sombreros, he bounces back and forth between San Diego and the central highlands of Mexico in an effort to bring home a wayward young woman who has fallen in with a well-meaning but extremely dangerous crowd. The people who want her back are as different as good and evil. The real question is which is which?

Ellis finds himself in the middle of a whirlwind of corruption, hidden agendas, secrets and lies. He has to sort it out while dodging bullets, brigands, and an occasional run-in with plastic explosives.

This is the first in a series of Brig Ellis sagas. I'm betting you'll like it. And I only bet on sure things.