Splash In The Loch by Temba Magorimbo


The Christmas chill and season is gripping Edinburgh. Hubert is a mechanical engineer who drives a team with a good reputation. He likes his work though others call him a workaholic. He is a marvel when he sets his eyes on a task yet he forgets his dates with Muriel. She is not happy when Hubert forgets their Christmas engagement. She takes off in a huff away from the city. Hubert follows her, one turn too many makes him get lost. He winds up off course with his Brabus Mercedes at the bottom of a lake. He is rescued by a systems engineer at British Telecom whose father's tractor had packed up on a corner near the lake. She has a dating problem that Christmas. She is a cool temperate lady who accepts that he is dating Muriel. Muriel is hot tempered and a schemer of things. She is not amused. Who will be the cherry for the picking?