Start-up Struggles - kindle ebook by Bryan Healey

This is all about how the modern start-up is born!

I have spent many years working in and around the start-up community in southern New England, especially Boston and Providence, and consulting with start-ups all over the country, including California and Texas, and it has amazed me how often the same problems arise at the same stages of growth. It doesn't matter what industry, what market is being targeted, what systems are being built, or what region it is based in, the struggles of start-up seem universal. Over my career, I have taken note of the most common issues, both personally experienced and anecdotally told to me, and decided to compile them into a single tome and talk about common solutions. It is by no means a how-to book, it is not heavy on technical terms or business terms; but I hope it can help would-be entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes, and I hope the lessons are easily transferable to other businesses and efforts.