The Eighth Day - kindle ebook by Donovan Gray

The Eighth Day is the first book in a trilogy centred on a tale of murder, vengeance and mankind’s ultimate demise, the end of the world.

Alex and Ruth Young stumble into a vendetta between two sworn enemies when their neighbour, Benjamin Douglas, falls against their door, shot and dying. This one event changes their lives forever as Ben miraculously recovers from his gunshot wounds. He confesses to them that his real name is Gabriel Armstrong and he was born nearly two centuries ago. He tells them how he witnessed the murder of his family at the hands of a charlatan Preacher named Jacob Burns and how he has sworn to avenge them. Ten years after this event he thought he had found his chance, but when the moment came he discovered something else about himself and Jacob that will change his, and our, fates forever.

Born immortal, Gabriel is dragged into the remnants of an age old war that culminates tonight when a weapon is used that raises the dead with one purpose. To kill!

This tale is told through past and present day story lines, each timeline focusing on different incidents which ultimately connect and intersect in the run up to its dramatic conclusion.  

This is The Eighth Day.

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