What Survives of Us by Kathy Miner


What would you do to survive, if life as we know it ended?  What should you do, to protect yourself and your family?  This post-apocalyptic story asks characters from diverse walks of life to answer that question, over and over.  Fear and desperation breed violence, but can these characters rise above?  They've got a chance to become something more, not just as individuals, but as a species - will they embrace that chance?  This first book in a multi-book series poses these questions and more.  Set in beautiful Colorado, the story follows a group of survivors through the first days following a plague that decimates the population and leaves those that remain different, in ways they never could have expected.  And though physical survival drives many of the decisions and difficult choices that have to be made, this story is at its heart about human connection, about the complex bonds of duty, opportunity, friendship, convenience, and most of all love that drive us all.  "What Survives of Us" is something each character must decide, and their decisions will shape the world that emerges from the devastation.  The sequel to this book is planned for release in early spring of 2015.