Why the Sky is Blue - kindle ebook (women's fiction) by Susan Meissner


Claire Holland, a happily married mother of two, is grateful beyond words that she is unable to remember the brutal attack that nearly ended her life. But when she finds out she is pregnant -- against all odds – she and her husband Dan must decide what to do with a baby she is already starting to love and whom Dan can’t ever imagine loving. Told from the perspective of Claire and her firstborn Kate, Why the Sky is Blue is an intensely personal story of a mother and her two daughters, the first being a much-loved, wanted child and the second, who was conceived as the result of a sexual assault and given up for adoption. It is a story of the power of love to triumph over even the worst of circumstances.

“Painfully and beautifully real…A brutal reality and two very different views of choices color the lives of five women. The haunting memories, misunderstandings and sorrows make this a heavy read, but one that leaves you with a sense of hope, restoration and healing. Meissner writes with soul and heart, and she invites her readers to take a piece of her with them.” – Kelly Klepfer